Fortinet x CSW-IT Grill & Chill BBQ Masterclass: A Smokin’ Success!

Fortinet x CSW-IT Grill & Chill BBQ Masterclass: A Smokin’ Success!

  • 22 Nov 2023

What an epic day we had at the Fortinet x CSW-IT Grill & Chill BBQ Masterclass last Friday! 🚀 The grills were hot, the conversation was hotter, and we’re still coming down from the high of a day packed with sizzling delights and Fortinet insights.

A Day to Remember

Picture this: the QUE Club in Brunswick transformed into our very own BBQ haven, the air thick with the aroma of smoky goodness, and a careful selection of tech enthusiasts ready to soak it all in. From the crackling grills to the camaraderie, the day was nothing short of exceptional. The event kicked off at 12:30 PM sharp, but let’s rewind to 12:15 PM because, let’s face it, being fashionably early to a BBQ masterclass is the true mark of a grill maestro. As attendees rolled in, there was a buzz of anticipation in the smoky air. And can we talk about the venue? The QUE Club deserves a standing ovation for being the perfect backdrop for our BBQ bonanza.

Grill & Learn: Fortinet-Style

Now, let’s dive into the meat of the matter – Fortinet. Richard and Jayk from Fortinet, you guys are the real MVPs! Taking the time to share their insights one-on-one with guests was the secret sauce that took this event to the next level. They broke down Fortinet solutions with such finesse that it was like unlocking the flavour profiles of a top-secret BBQ rub. From firewalls that could rival the heat of our grills to security solutions that were as impenetrable as an over-cooked brisket, we got a taste of it all. Learning about Fortinet’s commitment to keeping our digital landscapes safe was both enlightening and empowering.

Grill, Chill, and Connect

Of course, it wasn’t all about bits and bytes; we infused the day with ample opportunities to connect and, dare I say, grill and chill. There’s something special about bonding over a shared love for technology and a perfectly seared steak.

The QUE Club: Our BBQ Haven

Let’s take a moment to give a shoutout to the QUE Club. This venue was more than just a backdrop; it was the heartbeat of our event. The spacious setting, the accommodating staff, and the overall vibe made it the ideal spot for our BBQ escapade. A big thank you for letting us turn your space into a BBQ haven for a day!

Cheers to More BBQ Adventures

As the sun set on our Fortinet x CSW-IT Grill & Chill BBQ Masterclass, with the embers still glowing, guests departed with a full belly and a comprehensive understanding of just how Fortinet could benefit their organisation. To everyone who attended, you made the day unforgettable. Your enthusiasm and hunger for knowledge fuelled the fire, and we hope you left with not just a full belly but also a mind brimming with Fortinet brilliance.

Here’s to more BBQ adventures, more tech insights, and more opportunities to grill, chill, and connect. Until next time.

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