RingCentral Steak Masterclass a Succulent Success!

RingCentral Steak Masterclass a Succulent Success!

  • 30 Mar 2023

Last Friday the CSW-IT team, along with Bobby Aleksic and Rob Ellis from cloud-based communication and collaboration platform RingCentral, welcomed guests to the Que Club in Brunswick for an exclusive “Steak Masterclass” experience.

With the intoxicating aroma of charcoal BBQs and collaborative opportunity in the air the event commenced with a brief, informative presentation from RingCentral’s Senior Account Executive Bobby, detailing their comprehensive suite of collaborative solutions and highlighting how they could help companies improve their operations and increase efficiency. After piquing the interest of a number of attendees and fielding a range of questions, the presentation was concluded in anticipation of a great feast.

Hosted by The QUE Club’s incomparable head chef Fabio, as well as restaurant owner Andrew, the feast began with an introduction to the afternoon’s menu and what guests could expect to learn. Treated with delicious cuts of beef and insightful tips from both pros, Fabio demonstrated how to properly prepare and season a steak. He then went on to explain the different cuts of meat and how to determine the perfect cooking time and method for each. Guests also learned about the different types of seasonings and marinades that can be used to enhance the flavor of the steak.

The format of the event allowed guests to easily mingle and network with one another, resulting in a number of key introductions and productive conversations. It was a great example of how companies can create successful corporate events that bring together people from different industries and backgrounds to learn, network, and ultimately collaborate. Thanks to all that attended!

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