Unified Communications
Unified Communications

Communication has always been a key driving factor for organisation to expand and grow but communication is always a top 3 response when it comes to employee dissatisfaction. That is because there are so many different applications to use, files and media are lost or not up to date as they live in more that one location and frustration kicks in because passwords are different between different applications if not implemented correctly.

Unified Communications (UC) is a bundle of technologies that helps your organisation, users, and customers to communicate anytime and anywhere. UC incorporates numerous hardware and software components such as Voice, Video, Instant Messaging, Emails, SMS, Information sharing and so on.

The value of UC is enhanced efficiency and improved productivity through connectivity, collaboration, real-time information, flexibility, simplicity, and mobility

Video Conferencing

Originally Video Conferencing was an expensive solution that was purpose built for a few meeting rooms across the organisation. Nowadays your organisation can have the same high-definition, natural sound solution across all your meeting rooms no matter the size.

Every business has different and unique requirements especially now that more users are working remotely. With the right video conferencing solution, you can work with collaboration tools that you already use such as Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Zoom and more to give your organisation a seamless integration across Video, voice, and chat.

Video conferencing solutions span from large meeting rooms to small huddle spaces and having a coherent setup will help simplify deployments as well as user adoption with some key benefits like, one touch meeting joins, simple plug, and play, and many more.

Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX is a secure and reliable business phone system delivered as a hosted service off-site through an internet connection. This means a Cloud PBX system does not require physical equipment within your environment and still provides you with all the same functionality as you would expect if it were on premise. The added bonus is that you are not paying line rentals you only pay for your internet service.

Cloud PBX features such as hot-desking, follow-me, mobile softphone apps and many more gives your organisation and users great flexibility when it comes to mobile and remote working. Your users will still be apart of hunt groups, receive overflow or transferred calls no matter where they are located. This results in reducing missed calls, missed opportunities, and increasing productivity and workflow.

Finding the right Cloud PBX system for your organisation is key to giving your users exactly what the need and your customers the services they require.

Teams Calling

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool and if you are already using MS Teams for internal communications, video conferencing, file sharing and integrating with other applications then the voice component gives your organisation an integrated voice calling system within MS Teams. This service offers a complete PBX replacement for an all-in-one unified communication platform from a single application.

Advantages of MS Teams calling is the centralisation of communications into one single application, Cost and Scalability and Simplicity.

The appropriate phone system licenses will be needed for your Enterprise Microsoft 365 subscription