A traditional MPLS relied upon connecting remote offices to a central location that was heavily reliant on multiple individual MPLS connections. The result is that all traffic had to be routed back to the central location for processing and then redistributed back to the branch office, a method that degrades latency and performance. SD-WAN allows security functionality to be distributed to the network edge, making it unnecessary to send all traffic through the enterprise data centre for scanning before forwarding it to it destination.

Benefits of SD-WAN
  • Simplified Management
  • Better Network Visibility
  • Enhanced Security in combination with NGFW
  • Reduce Cost
  • Multi Carrier Redundancy

Ethernet Switching serves as a central point through which servers, desktops, laptops, printers, and other devices on that local network communicate with each other. With the rise of Wi-Fi technology, organisations and schools LAN environments expands to Phones, Tablets, TVs, security cameras and other IoT devices. With the exponential growth of devices, the increased traffic and throughput puts demands on the legacy ethernet LANs which may cause impact to all devices connected on the LAN environment.

The right choice for your Ethernet switching will need to accommodate the multitude of devices that will be connected to your LAN environment via high speed ports which won’t degrade performance and to continue to delivery applications and workloads securely.
At CSW-IT we will work along side you to ensure that you have the right ethernet switch for your infrastructure requirements.


Wi-Fi 6 is the current generation of wireless technology. It meets the demand to support digital transformation, IoT, latency sensitive voice along with video traffic whilst maintaining and improving performance, security, and durability.

We come out to your location and conduct a site survey to know precisely how many Wireless access points are needed and where they are to be located. We then assist you with implementation, configuration, and deployment of your Wi-Fi solution to your organisation.


Organisations are progressively moving towards cloud-based applications to run critical workloads and support distributed workflows to support remote offices and users. Traditional networks are growing beyond the network edge, with the challenge to secure, manage and have visibility to all endpoints no matter where they are located. Software Access Service Edge (SASE) combines SD-WAN capabilities with security and delivers them as a service. When applied, a SASE approach allows your organisation to apply secure access to users, workloads, devices, or applications wherever they are located with the same policies as they would if they were inside the network.

Zero Trust and SASE work hand in hand together as applications, data and users are everywhere, in data centres, in the cloud, multiple SaaS applications, and so on. By converging a least-privilege access strategy with an architecture that simplifies how highly distributed users, BYOD and cloud resources are secured.

Benefits of SASE
  • Fully integrates with SD-WAN
  • Greater Visibility and control of data usage
  • Data Protection
  • Cost Reduction
  • Edge to Edge Security